Arduino Super Kit

Arduino Super Kit


A kit to work with Arduino, jam packed with components!

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So far, out of all the base kits that we’ve seen for Arduino, this has to be our favourite. We appreciate that it does cost a bit more, but when you look at all the components that come with it and the extra cables and the large breadboard – there’s no limit to the number of projects and they can be quite sophisticated too.

So what’s in the box?

  • 1x Arduino Board Rev3
  • 1x Straight single line pinhead connectors 2.54 40×1
  • 1x Breadboard, 840 tie points
  • 1x Set of 70 breadboard jumper wires
  • 5x 10kΩ Resistors 1/4W
  • 5x 2.2kΩ Resistor 1/4 W
  • 10x 220Ω Resistors 1/4W
  • 5x 330kΩ Resistors 1/4W
  • 5x 100nF capacitor polyester
  • 5x 10nF capacitor polyester
  • 3x 100µF electrolytic capacitor 25V DC
  • 1x 4.7kΩ Thermistor
  • 1x 70 to 100kΩ LDR VT90N2
  • 3x 5mm Red LED
  • 1x 5mm Green LED
  • 1x 5mm Yellow LED
  • 1x 10kΩ potentiometer, pcb terminals
  • 2x BC547 Transistor in TO92 Package
  • 1x Piezo buzzer
  • 5x PCB Pushbutton, 12x12mm size
  • 2x 4N35 Optocoupler DIL-6 package
  • 2x Tilt sensor
  • 1x Diode 1n4007
  • 1x MOS IRF520
  • 1x USB cable



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