What will you learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to put together an electronic circuit, wire up a sensor and write code. You will have made a complete robot that drives around and senses when it is about to hit something.

Topics covered:

An introduction to electronics – learn about voltage, current and resistance and how circuits work

LEDs: you will learn how to wire up LEDs and connect them to an Arduino board

Code: you will learn how to write a program that switches on an LED and how to control LEDs with other inputs

Sensors: you will learn how a distance sensor works and how to add it into a circuit

Code: you will learn how to make the robot read information from the distance sensor and use that information to avoid obstacles and navigate around a room

Motors: you will learn how to connect motors, how they work and how to control them via arduino

By the end of the course you will have a fully working, obstacle avoiding robot. You will feel confident in writing your own code, using common programming instructions and how inputs and outputs work.

You will start to understand how programs with a larger goal are written and how to break that down into steps.

You will feel confident in using example code for sensors and adapting that code to use in your own project.

You will have taken your first step towards becoming a Zoboticist!

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Eszter Szucs, Parent

It looks good for the first sight, congratulations! 🙂

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Everything looks good and its easy to use

Sophie Gale, Parent

My children are a bit younger than the recommended age, so they did need some help with, but overall it was enjoyable and informative to do - we're getting ready for the next stage!

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