Zobotics in Bristol

Zobotics in Bristol

Doing Zobotics in Bristol is awesome.

Our main site is here, in Emersons Green in Bristol - we also run robot workshops in Somerset, Wales and London - and everywhere in between!- so its easy to jump on the motorway and get to all of the cities we need to.

Bristol itself is a great place for tech and edtech companies. Being in the Bristol and Bath Science park we are well connected with some really great people.

Of course, one of my favourite things, other than teaching, is messing around in our Zobotics lab.

Here we do all kinds of cool projects - which you can read about here on our make it blog and learn how to make robots with us.

Bristol is an inspiring place to live. I have seen the famous clifton suspension bridge so many times, and yet it still fascinates me. You can imagine Brunel scribbling out loads of ideas and diagrams as he figures out his designs and how the bridge will work.

I've also been priveleged to be part of the future brunels project here in Bristol and have run robot workshops at the brunel site, which is very, very cool.

There are lots of other great initiatives around STEM and Robotics for schools in the local area, its always lovely to be part of it all and inspire the next generation to really get stuck in with coding and building robots.

Having said this, London - although a little too crowded for me! - is also a great place for schools and kids to be inspired. A lot of the top independent schools are based near or around London and the teachers are very keen to implement more robotics into their curriculum.

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